Monday, April 09, 2007

100 Words or Less About ... The Yankees Series

By Matthew Taylor

Our second round of "100 Words or Less" reviews the weekend series in the Bronx.

Last time we used corporate speak to dissect the O's off-season. This time we use the Yankees' very own postgame anthem - an abuse of Sinatra's work, if you ask me - to break down the action.

100 Words or Less starts ... now:

"Start spreading the news, the O’s left town yesterday, with a series win in New York, New York. Loewen and Bedard were a part of it, as was Bako (homering for the first time since 2004). Chris Ray woke up on Sunday in a city where he couldn’t sleep, but he made a brand new start of it in old New York. The Birds season-opening blues seem to be melting away. They aren’t 'A Number One,' 'Top of the List,' or 'King of the Hill' in the AL East, but if they can win up there, they can win anywhere."

Final Count: 100 Words Even. Mission Accomplished.

See you next time on "100 Words or Less."

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