Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The YouTube Debates: Orioles Edition

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By Matthew Taylor

2008 presidential election introduced the nation to the concept of YouTube debates. It's about time that our country dealt with some issues weightier than those presented by the likes of the talking snowman. Therefore, Roar from 34 proudly presents the first-ever YouTube Debate: Orioles Edition. Let the enlightened conversation begin (in the comments section).

Question 1: Which "Evening Magazine" fan profile is better, Wild Bill Hagy or Pat "The Bugler" Walker

Wild Bill Hagy

Pat "The Bugler" Walker

Question 2: Who was the better pitchman, Boog Powell or Jim Palmer?

Boog Powell

Jim Palmer

Question 3: Which is the more random player tribute, Luke Scott or Brady Anderson?

Luke Scott

Brady Anderson

Question 4: Which is the better episode of "Orioles Everyday," Devil Rays or Red Sox?

Devil Rays

Red Sox

Question 5: Which is funnier, the Orioles-themed church sign or the Earl Weaver tirade?



Question 6: Which is the better nostalgic O's video, Orioles Magic or Orioles Magic? (Sorry, no room for democracy on this one.)

Orioles Magic

Orioles Magic


the wayward o said...

bugler vs. bill ... tie
boog vs. palmer ... tie
orioles everday .... "pedorria" lol
weaver vs. church ... earl, hands down

Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks, Wayward O. Our Democracy has officially gotten stronger.