Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Down, to Tampa We Go

Texas fails to score 30 runs, providing the Orioles with a moral victory to go with two losses

by Matthew Taylor

The bad news is that in one day the Birds lost more games than they had all season: Rangers 3 - Orioles 1; Rangers 5 - Orioles 4. The good news is that the Birds are still in first place, and who honestly thought we'd be saying that at any point this season?

Thursday's games were perfect for fans who prefer walks over strikeouts. And who doesn't?

No starter recorded more K's than free passes. Adam Loewen had four of each; Steve Trachsel issued four walks against two strikeouts; Kevin Millwood offered five walks to two strikeouts; and Kason Gabbard walked two and struck out just one.

When it comes to pitching the big story of the game involved Roar from 34 favorite Randor Bierd, who in Thursday's nightcap recorded his first two strikeouts as a Big Leaguer. Somewhere right now Whitecap Wendy is smiling.

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