Friday, September 19, 2008

It WAS a Red Sox Fan After All

A member of Red Sox nation apparently doesn't like the taste of his own medicine.

As part of my Thursday post, "The Pennant Race Through the Eyes of an Oriole Fan," I jokingly made the following observation:
Game Notes: "Some unruly fans were removed from the stands in the eighth inning. Play stopped briefly at one point while players watched police and stadium security handcuff a fan behind the Rays dugout."

Thought: Must've been Red Sox fans.
It turns out that was exactly the case. The St. Petersburg Times has the full story of the fan who was "striking back for Red Sox nation."

"So what does Sciesinski have to say for himself?

That he was tired of being hassled by security and the home crowd. Sciesinski said he was 'striking back for Red Sox nation' for all the 'hatred' from Rays fans.

As for the photo: 'Pretty cool.'

But all is not cool. Sciesinski is accused of drunkenly cursing Rays fans and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

And one of the St. Petersburg police officers who subdued him is himself under scrutiny"

After experiencing Camden Yards when the Red Sox visit town, it's hard to feel sorry for the guy.

[Image source: St. Petersburg Times. Click photo for original.]

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Enchanting Sunshine said...

I so agree. It is hard to muster any compassion for them. As much as I consider myself a hippie and peace activist, they can set me off my course. I'd rather hang out with Saddam Hussein.