Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Long National Nightmare

Daniel Cabrera is a National. How's he gonna get there from Baltimore? My guess is he'll walk.

The Cabrera signing will become either a great punchline at the Nats' expense or a nightmare at the expense of O's fans, namely Cabrera finally realizing his potential just down the Beltway.

Should Cabrera turn it around and Teixeira sign with the Nats, the baseball gods will officially have cursed our beloved franchise. You'd have to be a pessimist, even by local standards, to believe both things will happen.


Daniel Bard said...

Taking a one-year chance on Cabrera for 2.6 mil looks like a decent idea. That's pretty cheap for a starter, these days. But I agree with the O's move--it wasn't happening for Cabrera in Baltimore and it would have cost them much more to keep him.

He's a pitching coach's dream--mold his raw talent and you look like a mastermind.

Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the comment, Daniel. I couldn't agree more. Cabrera could be a bust (again), but why not take a chance, especially if you're a team like the Nationals who will need to find hidden gems?