Monday, December 07, 2009

Sherrill Being Shopped

I hope Erik Bedard and George Sherrill are renters rather than buyers; otherwise, they should be lauded for their efforts to stimulate the nation's real-estate market.

As you've surely heard, the O's have an interest in re-acquiring Bedard. Now Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports reports that the Dodgers are shopping former Oriole closer George Sherrill on the trade market.

But when teams have inquired about those relievers, according to one rival executive, they have been encouraged to instead submit proposals for left-hander George Sherrill.
It appears that Sherrill is available for two main reasons: He's about to earn a raise (perhaps as high as $4 million) through salary arbitration; and he had a lousy NLCS against the Phillies.
The Dodgers are looking for a starter in exchange for Sherrill.

 Talk about short-term fixes.



Stacey said...

They want to shop him because he had a lousy NLCS? Did they see what he did for him the rest of the time? Insane.

I'd love to have Georgie back with the O's. Not as much as Bedard, though.

Matthew Taylor said...

I'm surprised, too. It seems the post-season can really make or break a player's reputation, whether deserved or not.

Stacey said...

More likely it's the money. The Dodgers are a hot mess.