Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fishing with Luke Scott

I'm not much of an Angler, so I don't have a good 200-words-or-less answer for WFN as to why every day is a good day for fishing.  Nevertheless, this seems like a pretty cool contest.

Early entries are closer to 20 words than 200. They include the following:
"Cause fishing is just amazing cold, stormy,warm, doesn't matter fishing is relaxing and can make your day if you catch the right fish."

"Get's me way from the daily work and issues. It is just a nice escape for a while."

"Get out experience nature as it should be!"

"Everyday is a great day for fishing so I can think of excuses to where I've been when I'm not fishing!"
I prefer the Homer Simpson logic: "If you love fish like I do, you want them to die with dignity."

However, I'm guessing the experience would be more like that of Tony Soprano and Bobby Bacala.


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