Friday, April 02, 2010

Matt Wieters - Sports Illustrated Letters

They don't ask for blog names when you submit a letter to Sports Illustrated. Otherwise, I could say that Roar from 34 appeared in the magazine this week.

I was pleased to discover on Thursday that SI ran my letter in response to the recent Matt Wieters cover.

For context, here's my previous post about "The Hero," Rick Dempsey, who made the Sports Illustrated cover following the 1983 World Series.



The Fan Child said...

I wish they would stop hyping the kid and let him play. Very excited about him too, but I think things would be easier for him if he were under the radar. Why not feature Markakis - a guy who is already the heart and soul of the team - on the cover, and let the kid have some time to develop?

Matthew Taylor said...

Fair enough. It almost seems to follow the old NBA model of marketing individual stars. To his credit, Wieters seems to be taking it all in stride.

Markakis certainly doesn't get his due. I truly believe things will change for him once he makes his first All-Star appearance. People suddenly discovered Carl Crawford last season, as if he hadn't already been a solid player for years.