Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interesting baseball reading

A few baseball-related items caught my eye today. Each would qualify for the traditional "Thought You Might be Interested in This" e-mail subject line.

-First, b's Matt Vensel looks outside the spotlight - well done - for the story of Orioles bullpen catcher Ronnie Deck. Says Deck: “This is an unreal opportunity. I just want to enjoy every day in the big leagues, work as hard as I can and let that take me where it may.”

With all the griping and bad Orioles news that's out there this summer, it's refreshing to read about a guy who's paid his dues and is relishing a rare opportunity.

-More well-known than Deck is former Voice of the Orioles Jon Miller, who will receive the Ford C. Frick Award during Sunday's Hall of Fame ceremony in Cooperstown. USA Today has the write-up.

The anecdote about Miller asking his wife if she's ever slept with a Hall of Famer is good for a laugh. Meanwhile, this line is good for a sullen sigh:
"Miller's reputation and his knowledge of the game have earned him the right, fans say, to criticize the performance of a player or team — oftentimes his own — even though he never played professionally."
Unfortunately, criticizing a player or team (i.e. doing his job) didn't work out so well for Miller in Baltimore.

-Finally, The Boston Globe has a story on the sale of the Field of Dreams location and its $5.4 million asking price.

If you haven't made the pilgrimage to Dyersville yet - thanks to some awesome planning by my wife, I have - The Voice has some advice for you: "Go the distance."

Done any good baseball-related reading lately? If so, share a link in the Comments section.


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