Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Day, Another Accolade for Wieters

Hype thy name is Matt Wieters

by Matthew Taylor

ESPN's Keith Law ranks Matt Wieters as baseball's best prospect.
"Wieters is typically compared to one of two current big-leaguers: Mark Teixeira and Joe Mauer. Those are tough comps to hang on a player who has yet to sniff the big leagues, but in Wieters' case, they're merited.


Wieters could start 2009 in the majors, although giving him a one-month stint in Triple-A would give Baltimore the advantage of another year of control before Wieters hits free agency. Other than that possibility, there's nothing stopping him from becoming an impact catcher from Day One."
I wonder what the members of Zaunbie Nation (you can't make this stuff up) think about Wieters.

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