Friday, January 02, 2009

Eutaw Street Trivia

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to Eutaw Street?

by Matthew Taylor

A holiday visit home allowed me the opportunity to visit Camden Yards and take a stroll down Eutaw Street, where I photographed each of the 41 bronze baseballs marking home runs that landed there. It's a task that I've wanted to complete ever since I realized how difficult it is to locate a detailed accounting of Eutaw Street home runs.

Here are some trivia questions related to my archiving efforts. Scroll down for the answers.

Eutaw Street Trivia

1. Who hit the first-ever Eutaw Street home run?

2. Who hit the longest Eutaw Street home run during game action?

3. Who hit the shortest Eutaw Street home run?

4. Which Oriole players, past or present, hit a Eutaw Street home run for a different team?

5. How many of the 41 bronze balls on Eutaw Street are for Oriole players?

6. Which Oriole has hit the most Eutaw Street home runs?

7. Which visiting team has the most Eutaw Street home runs?

8. Which visiting players have had a home run land on Eutaw Street multiple times?

9. Who is the only visiting player to hit a Eutaw Street home run for two different teams?

10. How many National League players have had a home run land on Eutaw Street? Name them.


1. Mickey Tettleton, Detroit Tigers, April 20, 1992. Two others accomplished the feat that season: Kevin Reimer, Rangers, May 5, 1992, and Lee Stevens, Angels, May 27, 1992.

2. Henry Rodriguez, Montreal Expos, 1997 - 443 feet.

3. Johnny Damon, Yankees, 2007 - 370 feet.

4. Mickey Tettleton, Tigers, 1992, and Aubrey Huff, Devil Rays, 2003.

5. 16.

6. Rafael Palmeiro (5). He is followed by Brady Anderson (3) and Jay Gibbons (2).

7. The Red Sox (4), followed by the Yankees (3), Rangers (3), Rays (2), Indians (2), and Blue Jays (2). Teams with one Eutaw Street home run: Tigers, Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, Expos, Twins, A's, and White Sox.

8. Jim Thome (twice, both with the Indians) and Lee Stevens (twice, once with the Angels and once with the Rangers).

9. Lee Stevens (Angels, 1992, and Rangers, 1998).

10. Two. Shawn Green (Dodgers, 2002) and Henry Rodriguez (Expos, 1997).


Heath said...

Good trivia for the winter.

There really is no place to find that information? Thanks for doing that.

Anonymous said...

Am digging your blog. Thanks

Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the comments. I haven't found a convenient resource for this info. Perhaps the O's media guide has something in it about Eutaw Street home runs? Any way around, it's a fun project.

Anonymous said...

you need to add Lance Berkman to the list of NL players

Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the comment. You're right, I need to update this trivia. Berkman wasn't on my original list because the bronze baseballs for the 2008 home runs had yet to be placed on Eutaw Street. They're since been added, and I've updated the overall list: