Thursday, March 05, 2009

Exhibition Brings Back Memories for Scott

Luke Scott comments in a Sun article on Thursday that he loved the atmosphere during Wednesday's exhibition game against the Dominican Republic's WBC team and was reminded of his time playing in Venezuela.
"I loved the atmosphere," Orioles designated hitter Luke Scott said. "It reminded me of winter ball, which is a great experience. Lots of passion, the fans get really into it. One of the best times I've ever had was in 2005 in Venezuela. It was fun; that's the best way to describe it. Baseball is at its purest when guys are out there having fun."
Luke Scott loved the Venezuelan fans, and they loved him. Scott was dubbed "El Monstruo de Cuadrangular" (the Home Run monster) and generated the type of passion among fans that you see in the video below. YouTube is littered with highlight videos from Scott's days in Venezuela. (See also Roar from 34's July 22, 2008 post about Scott.)

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