Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Blanket with Sleeves by any other Name Would Still be Sweet

Big League Stew mentioned Matt Wieters Bobblehead Day at Camden Yards (June 30th, but you already knew that) in a post last week titled  Snuggies and skateboards lead list of 2010 ballpark promotions.

Of said Snuggies, 'Duk wrote the following:
Snuggies! Whoops! We violated a trademark! They'll be giving away "sluggies" in St. Louis (April 30) and Oakland (April 15) and "wearable blankets" in San Francisco (April 23). The Angels will also be giving away "blankies" (April 6) and plain old blankets (Aug. 24) but no word if they're a ripoff of the made-for-TV gimmick we've come to know and love.
Yes, everyone's favorite blanket with sleeves has grown enough in popularity that knock-off brands now exist. Who could've imagined such a thing when those first ridiculous commercials cropped up on TV?

It just goes to show the power of repetition when it comes to marketing. And the power of sports branding. Slap a team logo on most anything and you'll find someone to buy it.

Take, for example, me. Santa left an Orioles blanket with sleeves under the Christmas tree this year. This one's known as "The Huddler."

Resistance is futile. Give in to the power of the blanket with sleeves. You can even pick one up at the ballpark, which defies my original cynical logic upon viewing the Snuggie commercial: "Who would wear one of those things at a sporting event?"

It appears that fans in St. Louis, Oakland, San Francisco, and Anaheim will provide my answer this April.



Stacey said...

Not to mention that the Snuggie is actually a knockoff of the original but now less popular Slanket.

Matthew Taylor said...

I didn't know that.

As it turns out the Snuggie is a knockoff of the Slanket, which is a knockoff of The Freedom Blanket. And there's a Blankoat available for $330. You read that right - $330.

Matthew Taylor said...

Here's a link to the story on all four blankets with sleeves:

Stacey said...

I'll know I've made it when I can trade in my slanket for a blankoat.