Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Team Pictures with Arthur Rhodes

I always appreciate a solid Arthur Rhodes reference; even better if it has a good story attached. This MLB Fanhouse article scores on both counts.

Josh Alper shares the details of a Cincinnati Reds auction that gives the winner a chance to be included in the 2010 team picture.
The Reds are auctioning off the chance for a couple of fans to throw their arms around Arthur Rhodes and be part of the 2010 team picture. The shot will be taken on April 21 before the Reds' game with the Dodgers and you also get tickets to the game and some Reds gear as part of the package. The opening bid is $500 for what the Reds' Web site deems an "extremely unique and priceless opportunity."
Here's hoping that the winner thinks better of complaining to Arthur Rhodes about the glare from his diamond earrings. Just ask Omar Vizquel.