Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Luke Scott's Latest Eutaw Street Home Run

Roar from 34 was asleep at the switch this weekend and therefore neglected to report that Luke Scott recorded his third Eutaw Street home run (video) in Saturday's 4-3 victory against the Blue Jays.

Scott's fourth-inning, 394-foot shot tied him with Brady Anderson and Jason Giambi for second-most Eutaw Street home runs in Camden Yards history. Rafael Palmeiro leads the pack with five.

Scott is the third player to reach Eutaw Street this season after Aubrey Huff (two-time bronze bomber) on April 21 and Adam Dunn on June 28 (second-longest Eutaw Street home run). His latest drive was the 51st overall Eutaw Street home run.

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