Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huff Visits Eutaw Street for a Second Time

Congratulations to Aubrey Huff on becoming a two-time bronze bomber when he homered onto Eutaw Street on Tuesday night.
"The Orioles gave him his first lead in the third when Huff crushed Jose Contreras' 2-0 fastball just inside the right-field foul pole and onto Eutaw Street. The two-run shot traveled 415 feet and was the 49th homer onto Eutaw Street since the park opened."
Huff hit his first Eutaw Street home run, a 414-foot shot with the Rays, on Aug. 21, 2003. He is the second player to hit Eutaw Street home runs with two different teams following Lee Stevens, who did so with the Angels (May 23, 1992) and Rangers (May 30, 1998). He is the seventh player to reach Eutaw Street more than once, a club led by Rafael Palmeiro, who did it four times.

Players who have hit multiple Eutaw Street home runs

Rafael Palmeiro - 4
Brady Anderson -3
Jason Giambi - 3
Jim Thome - 2
Lee Stevens -2
Luke Scott - 2
Aubrey Huff - 2

All-time Eutaw Street home runs

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