Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All the Orioles' Exes Lived in Texas

The Texas Rangers are bankrupt and have a list of unsecured creditors that includes several current or former Orioles.
After Rodriguez, the next five unsecured creditors are also players or former players for the Rangers. They are: Kevin Millwood, a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles ($12.9 million); Rangers third baseman Michael Young ($3.9 million); Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Vicente Padilla ($1.7 million); Mickey Tettleton, who retired from the Rangers in 1997 ($1.4 million); and Mark McLemore, a former Rangers second baseman who retired from the Oakland A’s in 2004 ($970,000).
They're still paying Mickey Tettleton and Mark McLemore?

It would all be laughable were it not for, oh say, the Albert Belle and Scott Erickson deals in Baltimore.

And the fact that one of the Rangers' all-time legends is prepared to buy the team.

And did I mention the Rangers are currently in first place?

As an O's fan, it's actually more depressing than funny.


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