Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orioles & Royals - Similar sounding names, similar sounding games

Last summer, Stacey from Camden Chat posed as a Royals fan during a game at Fenway Park. After reading Nick Bromberg's piece on Big League Stew, I feel like posing as a Royals fan as well. Perhaps I already am, given the similarities between the laments of Royals and Orioles fans.

Check out "Are we winning yet? A Royals fan checks in with an annual lament."

Here's an excerpt:
But it's only the middle of May and it already feels like the season has been dragging on for months. The Royals are 11-23 — 11 games behind the Twins in the AL Central — and as a Kansas City resident my whole life, I've even taken the drastic step of debating of giving up my fandom.

Crazy, I know, but how can a rational baseball fan like myself root for a team with the following realities staring me straight in the face?
Raise your hand if you can relate to the phrases "it already feels like the season has been dragging on for months" and "taken the drastic step of debating giving up my fandom."



Stacey said...

Orioles fans and Royals fans are kindred spirits. You can throw Pirates fans in there too, perhaps, except that older Orioles fans might not like the association given the history.

The trip to Fenway was actually my second time impersonating a Royals fan, although the first was in Kansas City. We're still determining where the third annual "mpersonate a Royals fan" game will take place.

Matthew Taylor said...

I applaud your efforts. "Impersonate a Royals fan" should become an officially recognized day among Orioles fans. Perhaps K.C. can even return the favor.