Monday, June 22, 2009

Jeter Not So Clutch in Florida

No sport is mythologized quite like baseball, and no current player is mythologized quite like Derek Jeter, so it brought a smile to my face when I heard Jeter mocked on SportsCenter on Saturday after the shortstop grounded into an eighth-inning double play with two on and the Yankees trailing the Marlins 2-1. The anchor made light of the fact that Jeter's non-clutch at-bats tend not to wind up on the back page of the New York Post like those of a certain less-than-popular teammate of his.

Turns out Jeter was at it again on Sunday.

Jeter Clutch grounded out weakly to shortstop for the game's final out with runners on first and third. The Yankees had scored two runs in the frame to narrow the Marlins' lead to 6-5. And that's where it stayed.

Jeter was 3-for-13 (.231) for the weekend in Florida.

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