Thursday, June 04, 2009

This Bird Don't Tweet

The faux "Peter Angelos" Twitter page (April 30 RF34 post) is still going strong. Latest tweet: "Trying to decide if I want to sign Jamie Walker's pink slip with my right or left hand."

Enjoy it while you can, because Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa may soon ruin all the fun.

LaRussa is suing Twitter over an impostor profile of him.

From The Biz of Baseball:

As I reported last month, Twitter may be one of the greatest tools available for social networking. But, as I also reported, the capacity to have impostors is very real. In the first day, I decided to follow “Peter Angelos” and “Theo Epstein” who are not, in fact, the real individuals. Both had images of the baseball execs, but when reading through the Tweets, it was clear that neither were the real deal.

Now, a court case may eradicate such impostor profiles.

The case is La Russa v. Twitter, Inc. and deals with one Anthony (Tony) La Russa and an impostor profile on the popular social networking site.


Stacey said...

Tony LaRussa hates fun.

Matthew Taylor said...

Be careful what you write. Tony's new-media savvy and not afraid to sue.

Zach said...

Yeah I blogged about this earlier. Tony sucks, come on. It's a joke...even the bio said it was a joke.