Friday, June 19, 2009

The Un-Peter Angelos Gets a Mention

The Peter Angelos Twitter page - now known as "Un-Peter Angelos" in the wake of Tony LaRussa's threatened lawsuit - gets a mention on The Biz of Baseball.
Social networking giant Twitter is in the midst of Beta testing a verification system in an effort to thwart fake Twitter profiles. The addition of the system comes in the wake of a suit by Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who was prepared to sue Twitter over a fake profile created by someone claiming to be him. Similar accounts have been created for high profile individuals in baseball including Bud Selig, Theo Epstein, and Peter Angelos.
Just for fun, here's the latest Un-Angelos Tweet:

Don't worry about the guy who caught Matt Wieters' 1st homerun ball - he'll be dealt with immediately & with great impunity.

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