Wednesday, April 08, 2009

But what does Zaunbie think?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which team has the drunkest fans of all?

Last season, Toronto had its $2 Tuesdays fiasco. This year, the Blue Jays' opener featured baseballs, beer cups, and paper airplanes flying onto the field that resulted in a ban on beer sales for Tuesday's game.

Why can't fans at Skydome ... er, the Rogers Centre ... stick to what they know best - bawdy behavior in front of hotel room windows (see, for example, 1997 season and 2008 season)?

Somebody needs to contact former Blue Jay Gregg Zaun for comment. Or the guys at Nine More Outs.

I was prepared to say that Blue Jays fans were in danger of taking over Red Sox nation as the biggest boozers in baseball ... or Phillies fans ... or Yankees fans ... or ah, forget it.

I guess the proper conclusion is that while there's no crying in baseball, there's plenty of drinking.

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