Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More on David Hernandez

After Monday's Roar from 34 post about the Norfolk Tides' game, commenter JamesG asked if David Hernandez projects as a starter at the major-league level. Tuesday's Q&A with Jeff Zrebiec on The Sun's new Toy Department blog suggests that Hernandez does, and that we may see him in Baltimore later this season.

Question: You can be honest with us: Are you already dreading the second half of this season? Or do you think it'll actually be more fun with the arrivals of Wieters, et al?

Zrebiec: I definitely think the last couple of months of the season should be more bearable than it’s been in the past and not just because of Wieters. Instead of seeing retreads like Victor Santos and Victor Zambrano pitch, we could be watching guys like Bergesen, Tillman, David Hernandez and maybe even Arrieta. And instead of rolling out Jeff Fiorentino and Bernie Castro, we could get a glimpse of Nolan Reimold. That’s why I think the Orioles should be able to avoid a total late-season collapse. These guys will take their lumps, but they also are young and talented and hungry for an opportunity.

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