Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luke is a Four-Letter Word in Boston

Sox and Dawgs has taken offense to Luke Scott's criticism of vulgar Red Sox fans and, in a post titled "Luke Scott Needs to STFU," vows to prove him wrong by ... being even worse next time?
"First off, all he did was make it worse for himself when the Orioles visit again in July. ...

Remember this Luke, we don’t forget things up here. If you thought it was bad this weekend, you just wait until you return. You’ll probably end up crying because it seems to me that you’re a little soft."
Ummm ... doesn't that argument pretty much support Luke's original point?

Of course, no Red Sox retort would be complete without (Do I even need to tell you?) Boston's all-purpose rebuttal for baseball arguments.

"If he thinks this is bad, what does he think of the fans in New York." (sic)
At least Luke Scott is in good company. Try, for example, Torii Hunter.

"Though the Red Sox have done a great deal to remake the image of Fenway Park in recent years, visiting players continue to voice concerns about fan conduct. The latest example came from Angels center fielder Torii Hunter.

Hunter told the Press-Enterprise of Riverside, Calif., that until the last couple of years, he regularly heard racist taunts when visiting Fenway as a member of the Minnesota Twins."

Wonder how they made it worse for Hunter during his return trip to Fenway following those comments last April?


Heath said...

And yet Oriole fans are painted as barbarians for booing Mark Teixeira. We are downright polite compared to the New York and Boston...

Matthew Taylor said...

It is rather ironic, isn't it, that Baltimore took such a beating for the simple act of booing while this kind of stuff goes on.

Anonymous said...

Red Socks fans are the worst. A couple of years ago, my friends and I got into a fistfight with some idiot Socks fans for telling us to STFU while cheering after an Oriole hit a home run. This was at Camden Yards, so naturally we took exception. It was fun when the po-po showed up and kicked them out while leaving us in place after we explained the situation. Good times...good times.

Stacey said...

Fans regularly taunt the opposing left fielder in OPACY as well, though I've never heard anything vulgar or obscene. Makes me wonder what they must have been saying to make Luke speak up. Torii Hunter's account is particularly horrifying.