Thursday, April 30, 2009

Would the Real Peter Angelos Please Stand Up?

When it comes to Twitter, I'm not sure which is more popular these days, real "Tweets" or fake "Tweets." It's fair to say that Peter Angelos' Tweets are not coming from the actual source. A sampling of some recent musings is offered below.
I've asked George Sherrill to release an apology to the citizens of Baltimore for the water main break. He knows what he did.

Anita Marks, the @sportschick won't return my phone calls. Perhaps I should send her a savory assortment of smoked cheeses and a reggae CD.

I've fired every hot dog vendor under the age of 65 to avenge Bea Arthur's death.

Was going to do a little sunbathing on the Warehouse roof before the game, but Boog always stares at me from the BBQ pit. Creeps me out.

It took a while, but I've finally convinced my son that Mark Hendrickson is NOT a polygamist. Kicking myself for letting him watch HBO.

About to stop by Sherrill's condo with blueberry scones & fresh-squeezed OJ. It'll soften the blow when I tell him his pitching disgusts me.

If Tom Davis asks you to pull his finger, don't. It's a trap.

I keep having dreams about Randy Milligan riding a bicycle through a fish market. What does it all mean?

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