Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Charging the Mound, Jim Traber Style

Kevin Youkilis charged the mound Tuesday night and sent Tigers rookie Rick Porcello backpedaling before earning two points for the take down. According to Keith Law, Youkilis was "acting like a fool."

That's nothing.

You want backpedaling? You want "acting like a fool"? I've got two words for you: Jim Traber.

The former Oriole once chased a Japanese pitcher into center field while charging the mound and later fell on his face, and into a kick, during a return trip to the mound.

Here's the classic YouTube clip.

Traber, whom the Baltimore City Paper listed in 2002 among its "Most Useless Orioles of All Time," is currently a radio host in Oklahoma. He batted .227 with 27 home runs and 117 RBI during four seasons with the Orioles

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