Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gregg Zaun: "I Go in Like a Bull in a China Shop"

Zaunbie Nation has flown South for the season, and you'd better believe that Gregg Zaun is bringing his Z-game.

Joey Johnstone of The Tampa Tribune provides the details.
"I really don't have much trouble making friends,'' said Zaun, who has two homers in his last three games, including a solo shot on Friday night in his first home appearance with the Rays. "I'm not shy. Big things like this [grand slam] do help people like you a little bit more. It helps with their impression of you.

"I go in like a bull in a china shop. I pretty much let people know who I am. I'm always respectful. But I've been playing long enough. I don't think I need to tip-toe.''

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zack said...

glad to see he is doing well, unfortunately, they couldn't have continued to happen here since he was hitting well and running the pitchers well also.