Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogging from the press box is like preparing for a final exam

Ever had one of those dreams where you show up for the final exam unprepared? I experienced a version of that scenario a few nights ago after having learned that I'll be blogging from the Camden Yards press box during Tuesday night's Orioles game with the Marlins.

The basic set-up of the nightmare - it qualifies as a nightmare, because it put me in a panic - was that I showed up to the stadium with my dad and brother only to discover that none of us had a laptop for me to use. There wasn't enough time to race home and get a computer, and my efforts to focus everyone's thinking on an alternative solution were blocked by Oriole great Rick Dempsey, who was having a very friendly extended conversation with my dad.

Here's hoping things go a little more smoothly this evening than I've imagined them in my sleep. I've been preparing for the opportunity as if it is a final exam. Thankfully, it's an open book test with Google and Baseball Reference readily available.

Be sure to visit Roar from 34 throughout tonight's game for updates. And if you don't see anything posted on this site, you can blame Rick Dempsey.


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