Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five and O

Another scoreless inning. Marlins 4 - Orioles 3 after five.

I'd be surprised if the Orioles make it through the next inning without scoring some runs. Yes, you read that correctly. Anibal Sanchez has struggled of late to get deep into games. That helps explain why, after a 4-0 May that saw him post a 1.96 ERA, he's 1-2, with a 4.34 ERA, and 1.714 WHIP in June.

Meanwhile, the Birds have the heart of the lineup, including two left-handed batters, coming up in Markakis, Wiggington, and Scott. The ball's lively tonight and should be jumping off the bats come next inning.



Stacey said...

Good stuff, Matt.

Hopefully they can get a few runs here.

Roar from 34 said...

Thanks, Stacey.