Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A good news/bad news situation ... but mostly bad

Happy June. We're one month closer to the end of the baseball season, which qualifies as good news for this O's fan. Here are some more good news/bad news situations from the past month.

Good news: The Orioles had twice as many wins in May as they did in April.

Bad news: They won 10 games in May after only winning five in April, but they still lost 18 games each month.

Good news: The Orioles completed two three-game win streaks in May (April 30 - May 2 and May 12 - 14).

Bad news: They followed each of those win streaks with matching three-game losing streaks (May 3 - 5 and May 15 - 17).

Good news: The Orioles swept the Red Sox to start the month.

Bad news: Following the sweep, the fifth-place Orioles were four games behind the fourth-place Red Sox. The fifth-place Orioles are now 13.5 games behind the fourth-place Red Sox.

Good news: Orioles batters are below the league average in strikeouts and rank ninth of 14 teams in the category.

Bad news: Where do I begin? Those same batters are last in walks, last in runs per game, last in runs, last in doubles (we miss you, B-Rob), last in RBI, and last in sacrifice flies.

Good news: People are talking about the O's ...

Bad news: ... as part of "MLB's Worst of May."

As always, No Gnews is Good Gnews.


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